We have been beautifying the space.
We know practically everything about designing and constructing fountains, swimming pools and small architecture.
The knowledge acquired in the West, constantly improved skills and familiarity with novelties and trends ensure that we are able to make your every wish come true and to create truly fairy-tale beauty spot in chosen location.


About us

The full range of particular system elements ensures a complex equipment of each fountain. From the simplest, a pomp with a nozzle, through more complicated with several pumps, lightning, frequency converters and remote program, ending with water organs, where the water jets "dance" with the music.

The group of our faithful clients includes, among other things: STRABAG, HOCHTIEF, WARBUD, BUDIMEX and ERBUD.

Using our company’s offer, you get the design with a calculation, computer visualization of final fountain, delivering the components to the construction site and a professional assembly. Short performance time, guarantee up to 5 years and full service are our advantages, which enabled us to construct a fountain in prestigious public buildings and several fountains in private residences. We provide also a complete support of the designing process, by supervision the assembly, until its technological start-up. The entire range of construction works, hydro-insulation works, training the operating team and the wide range of maintenance services constitute the additional attribute of our company.

We specialize also in stainless steel constructions in architectonic application. We offer full service including stocktaking, preparing technical documentation with necessary calculations, production of elements and the assembly. We cooperate with competent interior architects designers, who create designs based on actual trends. The unconventional wooden and metal furniture are produced in the country. Thanks to it the client receives products of high quality and competitive prices.

Why is it worth to use our services?

1. We know very well what we do and that is why we always meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

2. We provide extensive solutions – from the design, through the production of fitting elements, manufacturing and tests, and maintenance service and operation instructions.

3. Each client is treated individually, what results in fact, that there is no identical fountain, which would be created by us.

4. We manage with even the most advanced investments. In case of such necessity we cooperate with the designing offices, installation and construction companies.