The individual design
and manufacturing of the engine rooms,
basins and buffer tanks

The offered engine rooms of diametric stiffness from 2 to 8 kN/m2 chosen depending on depth of foundation and the ground conditions. Properly chosen diametric stiffness guarantees one hundred percent of engine room durability even in case of mining damage.

Unloading it with a crane on the construction site and mounting it on previously poured concrete plate, using stainless steel anchors.


The underground container engine rooms with or without an integrated buffer tanks are made in form of monolithic tanks made of PEHD, which provides 100% tightness. The side coat and the ceiling are two plates, between which, there is mineral wool, which is 10 cm thick, constituting thermal insulation, in order to prevent water condensation inside the room. All the necessary technological fittings for letting the pipe lines in or out are located in the tight side coat. The location of the tight fittings is chosen for the client’s local conditions. Each engine room is equipped with a hatch ladder, made of stainless steel and the ventilation system. The engine room hatch can be a stainless steel cover or any other hatch type according to the needs of the ordering party.


1. Manufacturing the engine room 
2. Fitting the technological connections
3-4. Delivering it to the construction site
5. Concrete plate for mounting the engine room 
6. Letting it in the concrete bath tub
7. Making the technological connections
8. Mounting the clamping rings
9. Consolidation of the sand pack
10. Sand pack
11. Ready!


Each engine room is manufactured individually according to the parameters agreed upon with the ordering party and as the client wishes, the engine room can be equipped with a complete technology and automation (set of pumps and filters, water processing, safety shower, eye washer, steering panel, electrical installation etc.)


1. Control and measurement instruments
2. Piping
3. Filtration set
4. Set of pumps and filters
5. Main collector
6-7. Control panel

Prefabricated basins

Prefabricated fountain basins made of polyethylene PEHD or polypropylene PP in any shape, length or width. They are especially fitting for “wet pavement" type fountain. Posses integrated essential and technological terminals and control for direct location on their granite plates Each basin or niche is made individually as one piece according to the parameters agreed with the client and the location of tight connections is adapted to the local conditions existing in the client’s location. The basin can be made of as a complete unit or can be transported in pieces and then mounted on the construction site. There is a possibility to make a basin out of plastic with stainless steel elements (e.g. drainpipe, grates, decorative elements, logo etc.)

The advantages of prefabricated basins

  • unlimited combinations of shape and sizes
  • plastic means no corrosion
  • 100 % tight
  • quick installation
  • there is no need for construction calculations of the basin
  • it eliminates reinforcing, shoring and traditional pouring concrete
  • there is no need for hydro insulation of the basin
  • integrated system for height control of the pavement
  • no need for expensive BUZON supports
  • integrated passages and passes eliminate setting the passes in shoring
  • easy maintenace
Laminated basins

The laminated basins are a light frame construction coated with gel coat, the product is derivated from unsaturated polyester resin. Żelkot precisely reproduces the form area, gives the basin a required shape and protects the construction against influence of external elements such as water or UV radiation. The next layer is the construction resin, which in combination with glass mates provides stiffness and resistance of the entire basin construction. The final thickness of the Zelkot is around 7 mm. The most important advantage is the  freedom of shapes and the ability to cover it with ceramics, mosaic or natural stone and in case of the “wet pavement” can stay “raw” because it is hidden under the pavement tiles.

Especially recommended when the load carrying of the ceiling allows for making a traditional concrete basin.
Approximately you can assume, that the ceiling load with such types of construction = mass of water + 100 kg/m2

The advantages of laminated basins

  • light construction and therefore low weight of the basin
  • the uniformity of the construction ensures 100% of water tightness
  • does not require a large amount of construction and finishing works
  • easily maintained 
  • huge resistance against the weather conditions, UV radiation and chemicals
Stainless steel basins

The stainless steel is a perfect material for special projects. The unlimited amount of solutions for building new and modernization of old fountains, lowest operational costs and high elasticity (resistance to difficult  ground conditions) these are the most important advantages.

Applying the stainless steel in fountain basin projects results in much more benefits.  The highly alloyed steel is resistant to frost, heat and UV radiation The flat areas are perfect regarding the hygiene, because it is easy to maintain clean conditions. The basins made of stainless steel are hygienic and safe.

Each solution regarding shape, basin size and technological connections is accustomed to individual needs and construction site conditions. 

Advantages of stainless steel basin

  • absolute tightness
  • best visual characteristics, thanks to the steel-water combination
  • maximum life-span without losing the visual advantages
  • optimum hygienic conditions
  • joint-free smooth surface
  • lowest operational costs
  • short construction time
  • no danger of damages as the result of freezing
  • many solutions, both for new and for modernized fountains
  • high elasticity of the material – resistance to ground settling
  • no expenditure for conservation works

Tanks in form of cuboids made of PEHD or PP. Such a construction, depending on the size, is supported with the plastic or steel profiles, protected against corrosive actions of the environment, where the tank will be located. The tight  passes are built in side walls and it ensures constructing watertight connections for  inflow and outflow as well as the safety overflow The location of the tight fittings is chosen for the client’s local conditions. Additionally each tank is equipped in two-side stainless steel ladder.

The basin can be made of as a complete unit or can be transported in pieces and then mounted in the designated location, what is the biggest advantage in case of existing rooms.