The most important thing is to synchronize  the particular elements with each other. Regardless of the chosen technology it is necessary to choose the right filter and initial sieves, which stop big size contamination (leaves, litter etc.) which can get to the pump and damage it. These damages are not covered by the guarantee.


Before starting any design work on the fountain, it is necessary to have an architectonical vision that is a drawing, where the final look of the fountain is specified.

After the initial agreement, choosing nozzles and lightning and location of the engine room you can start with a calculation of this particular fountain.  The changes in the height of the water display, the distance between the engine room and the fountain and inflow and outflow, have the direct influence for the final investment price (e.g. size and length of pipes, hydraulic resistance, pump effectiveness, power consumption, and automation).

It is necessary to remember, that each fountain is individually designed and requires specific choice of particular constituent elements.


The basic target is to give the water flow particular shape.
This target enforces using particular constructional solutions.
The fountain basin is mostly made of concrete, rarely of plastic or stainless steel.


After choosing the right nozzle it is necessary to choose the right pump. The simplest solution in the submersible pump. The more professional solution is the pump situated “for testing purposes” in the engine room and connected with the fountain with a sucking and pressure hose.


All remaining elements of the fountain are poorly decorative, improve its operation, construction and enable its operation, maintenance and automation of some processes (e.g. water filtration, the control-measurement-dosing station, underwater spotlights etc.).

General designing rules:

1. Do not locate the fountain under the trees.
2. Avoid places exposed to strong winds.
3. The fountain should not be too deep.
4. Protect the technological devices with a metal grate.
5. Predict the emergency flow from the fountain’s basin.
6. Predict the automatic fresh water inflow.
7. Properly protect the electrical cables.
8. Choose the pump with the highest quality.
9. Prepare a project of the steering panel, which will ensure failure-free operation.
10. Please remember to drain the installation for the winter time.


We always listen to our clients that is why we build fountain jests, which are a compromise between expectations and financial abilities of the clients and available technological solutions.
We are interested in your satisfaction. That is why we provide you with our advice, we present advantages and disadvantages of each concept, we calculate costs and we create computer visualization. And everything having in mind making the right choice for you.


We provide our clients with: complex fountain equipment of prestigious manufacturers, professional installation, short performance time, complex support of the designing process by the installation supervision, until the start-up, even 5-years guarantee for the manufactured devices and a wide variety of services. Additionally, we provide training in operation.
We have good news for those who look for something untypical and exceptional : We are testing, in our own laboratory, the future ideas of architects, which we change into functional and pleasing to the eye fountain jests later on, which ensure a really nice time.

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Winter fountain covers

Securing the fountain basin
The winter cover of the fountain basin with an integrated stand for Christmas tree is a novelty, which is offered to the Town  Councils. The cover is made of plastic in any colour with the cities emblem overprint. The cover is resistant to UV radiation and against the frost up to - 35 °C. The modular carrying construction, light, made of stainless steel profiles The Christmas tree stand is integrated in the platform and has a sealing flange for the canvas cover. Oriented Strand Board filling. 

The offer includes measurements, performance and assembly. The cover is a perfect measure to protect the fountain basin against humidity and frost (leading to longer life of the stone cover) especially eliminating a laborious dismounting (before winter) and mounting it again (in spring) of all elements in the fountain basin (nozzles, extensions, spot lights and other technological equipment). 

The cover not only protects the dry (without water) fountain basin against vandalism, but it constitutes the central point of the market with beautifully illuminated Christmas tree and the platform can be used as a temporary scene.