automatyka i sterowanie

The complex projects
and installations
of fountain steering systems

We perform any water display projects and light shows, starting with simple time sequences up to systems synchronized with music.

The technical characteristics of the steering systems:

The steering system is based on four-channel controller, equipped with real time clock, enabling starting particular fountain elements (pumps, lights) in programmed time intervals.

The systems, which are more elaborated, use the fountain operation programme controlled by the PLC controller, which enables more advanced steering functions:

• smooth control of the pump’s efficiency

• steering with the water nozzles
  (pop-jet, jumping-jet, choreo-switch etc.)

• steering with LED RGB spotlights

• wind dependant steering

• synchronization of lights and water displays with music

• DMX communication

• users interface – operational panel
 with a touchpad

• diagnostics

Independently of the fountain steering system we design and create  machine steering systems and technological processes based on the PLC controllers, operation panels and computer SCADA software.